Cincinnati Lawn Mowing, Lawn Renovation

Lawn Mowing

Proper mowing of your grass at regular intervals not only ensures that your lawn stays attractive, but also helps maintain the health and hardiness of the turf by helping prevent weeds and allowing more moisture to reach the soil. JB Landscape utilizes top quality industry grade equipment that is professionally maintained to make sure that your lawn is cut correctly, without ripping the grass blades which could result in unsightly brown tips and potentially create larger problems. We make sure to mow at the correct cutting height for your specific type of grass, moisture and sunlight conditions. Regularly scheduled mowing, in conjunction with one of our Lawn Care Programs is the best way to maintain the optimum quality.

Lawn Renovation

Lawn renovation involves killing existing turf and replacing it with new grass without changing the grade which is normally done during the establishment of a new lawn. You may want to consider renovating a home lawn if:

  • lawn species is frequently attacked by disease or insects which have caused lawn to thin out
  • landscape has become increasingly shady over time and the original lawn is thin and unhealthy
  • the lawn was severely injured or totally killed by disease, insects, drought, or if it was winter killed

Sod Installation

Sod Installation is an option when turf grass needs to be put in place quickly without waiting for the normal process of planted grass to grow out to full coverage. All areas to be sodded are hand tilled, graded, and raked to remove all previous grasses and weeds. Once proper grading and drainage is achieved, we may apply a lime application to the soil and any other additives if required. After your high quality turf-grass sod is put to the ground, we will give the area a final roll with a weighted lawn roller to insure proper adhesion to the ground and no air pockets.

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